Spinal Correction

The value of spinal correction

If someone is going to be adjusting your spine, don’t you want the most qualified expert available?

Dr. Deloney is trained in the 5 Essentials of Health.  These five essentials address proper spinal/neurologic function, proper nutrition, detoxification, exercise, and creating a mindset of health.  They are a complete, proven health delivery system that can help you change your life by priming your body to battle against disease.

We support your body’s healing ability—without expensive medication.

Why is my spine important? Your spine provides a basic structure for the muscles and other parts of your body, performing several pivotal functions like support, protection and flexibility. Nerves branching off the spinal cord also communicate with specific organs and regions of your body.  The spine directly influences healthy nervous system function.  Improper biomechanics, subluxation, spinal degeneration, disc degeneration, and/or improper joint function interfere with the way the brain can communicate with the body through the nervous system.

For these reasons alone, your spine is key. 

When your spine is healthy, your body functions just as it was designed. However, when misaligned or damaged, the life-giving power of your nervous system is interrupted, causing painful symptoms and illness to pop up.


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